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Improving IVF Success Rates through Acupuncture

In Vitro Fertilization is not an option most couples will try unless they have exhausted all other attempts at pregnancy and are at their wits end.

The quest to have a child may seem like nothing but painful disappointment, and it is with heavy hearts and minds that they begin researching the IVF option. Not only this, but IVF is a very costly operation and a time-consuming procedure as there are many tests and long waits involved –– not to mention what an emotional roller-coaster the entire process can be.

This is a common scenario, but no matter what the story is, all parents would like to give their IVF the best shot possible. In addition to choosing a reputable medical facility with highly experienced professionals, and making important lifestyle changes, what else can parents hoping to improve their chances of conception with IVF do?

What does the Science say about Acupuncture & IVF?

There have been many studies that demonstrate the efficacy of acupuncture in improving fertility parameters. One of the most notable studies was performed in 2002 and studied the effects of acupuncture on 160 IVF participants. Of those that received acupuncture on the same day of their IVF transfer, 42.5% successfully achieved pregnancy. Only 26.3% achieved pregnancy in the control group who did not receive acupuncture treatment.

This research was so compelling that many IVF experts will recommend mothers receive acupuncture, prior to and on the day of their embryo transfer, to improve chances of success.

How Acupuncture Improves the Chances of Pregnancy

Acupuncture can support the IVF process and increase fertility by

  • Alleviating side effects caused by the IVF medications
  • Calming the central nervous system
  • Reducing inflammation
  • Regulating hormone balance
  • Increasing ovarian and uterine blood flow
  • Soothing stress and anxiety
  • Reducing cortisol levels

Acupuncture is beneficial as it enhances the quality of the egg and development of the endometrial lining into which the embryo must be implanted. Furthermore, the acupuncture treatment is important to the mental, emotional and physical relaxation and well-being of the mother.

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