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Marine Clinic, Rottingdean

Opening its doors in 1996, the Marine Clinic has seen innumerable people for advice, support and treatment. With a small friendly team of therapists, the clinic oozes a warm and welcoming atmosphere. Although the Clinic is local to Saltdean, Peacehaven and Woodingdean residents, the clinic sees patients from further afield such as Hove, Lewes and Haywards Heath. Therapies offered in the clinic include acupuncture, osteopathy, hypnotherapy, therapeutic massage, aromatherapy and body listening to name but a few.

The clinic is in the beautiful village of Rottingdean, nestled along the south coast, 4 miles east of Brighton. First mentioned in the Doomsday Book (Rotingeden, 1086) Rottingdean acquired its name from Old English and means the valley of Rota’s people; Rota most probably being the leader of a band of Saxons warriors.

Best known for being an old smuggling village, Rottingdean’s coast was often visited by ships, secretly mooring offshore, delivering cargoes of brandy, tobacco and French lace.

The Windmill in Rottingdean, situated on the western grassy bank of the village was used as a beacon, lit to warn of the approaching Spanish

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